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Real-Time Monitoring for Efficient and Quality Manufacturing

Supplement Manufacturing Monitoring

PHARMATECH Labs utilizes state-of-the-art monitoring and production equipment you’ll never find in most facilities as we strive to deliver the best possible experience when it comes to manufacturing supplements.

Our focus is to provide our customers with every advantage the industry has to offer so we can produce products more efficiently and at a higher quality than any other company out there.

One of our keys to providing the most efficient, cost-effective production process possible while following GMPs and pharmaceutical standards is our custom-developed, real-time monitoring system.

Real-Time Monitoring that Makes a Difference for Our Customers

  • More Consistent, Higher Quality Products
  • Saves Clients Time, Money and Resources
  • Ensures GMP, OU and Pharmaceutical Standards are Met
  • Honest, Accurate Up-front Manufacturing Quotes
  • More Efficient Manufacturing for Faster Turnaround
  • Increases Customer Satisfaction
  • Allows for Proactive Decision Making
  • Helps Prevent and Limit Problems Before They Arise

With our monitoring system flawlessly designed to enhance our productivity and utilized in our world-class ISO Class 8 manufacturing environment, we help our customers save thousands on production costs while producing the quality supplements customers in today’s market demand.

At PHARMATECH Labs, our facility is automated with a state-of-the-art Climate Control System where each one of our manufacturing rooms and each piece of equipment is monitored for overall equipment effectiveness in real time. Our Human-Machine Interface gives us at-a-glance monitoring and control over our entire facility.

The information we collect from our monitoring software is then stored in our historical database for future reference.

By collecting and storing our manufacturing data, we can access the information in an instant to optimize the production process with each additional production run for each individual product produced at our facility.

Our real-time monitoring allows us to manufacture your products in the ideal temperature, humidity and positive pressure for that exact product. By monitoring each of these conditions, we can fully optimize our manufacturing systems so we’re always running as efficiently as possible no matter what products are being produced.

We also monitor and record our uptime, downtime, output counts, rates and rejects to further improve our production efficiency and the quality of the products we produce.

Why go through all that effort when others don’t?

By operating under such intense monitoring, we can confidently and accurately quote your production costs and meet those costs while producing unbelievably high quality products in the most efficient process other facilities just can’t match.

Our monitoring system is fully integrated with our quality control and quality assurance to ensure only the highest quality products leave our facility without costing our customers a premium to get them.

We know how important it is to our customers that we’re running as efficiently as possible. Our real-time monitoring system allows us to do just that.

PHARMATECH Labs Real-Time Monitoring:

  • At-a-glance monitoring and control
  • Data-Driven Manufacturing
  • Every machine monitored for OEE
  • Each Room and Machine Monitored in Real Time

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With decades of combined experience in the dietary supplement industry on our staff, PHARMATECH has what it takes to support you by giving you the highest quality at the most economical value possible.

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