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Blister Packaging

Blister Packaging

Our blister packaging is one of the most attractive packaging options offered at PHARMATECH. Blister packs provide additional protection for your products as capsules are packed in individual compartments.

Why Use Blister Packaging?

  • Attractive Packaging Solution
  • Provides Additional Protection to Products
  • Pharmaceutical-Grade Look and Feel
  • 30 or 60 Count Packaging Available
  • Package Up to Two Products in a Single Box

In addition to offering extra protection, blister packs provide the look and feel of pharmaceutical-grade products to help enhance their value while allowing consumers a more convenient solution for taking your products.

The blister packaging process starts with a thin sheet of PVC film that’s heated and then molded before cooling. Capsules are filled into the molded PVC before each pack is finished with an adhesive foil covering for the back and then each card is boxed. Our blister packs are produced in a completely automated process by our state-of-the-art blister pack machine while monitored in real time to ensure the most efficient packaging process possible.

Our process allows us to package your products in a wide variety of blister pack sizes and configurations to meet your needs. We can package 30 or 60 count packages with up to two products in a single box.

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