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As far as nutritional supplement packaging goes, bottling remains the most popular, cost-effective solution for most nutritional supplements.

Our bottling process allows our clients various bottling options to meet your needs while saving both time and money. Each of the bottling options utilized at PHARMATECH helps to preserve the bioavailability of your products during storage while protecting against light, gas and moisture damage. We offer the best bottling solutions to enhance your product visibility and optimize your marketing.

Our fully automated bottling machines are capable of quickly and accurately filling, labeling and capping your product. This efficient process ensures your company saves both time and money when it comes to getting your product to your customer.

At PHARMATECH, we can bottle two-piece caps, tablets and soft gels through our efficient bottling process.

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With decades of combined experience in the dietary supplement industry on our staff, PHARMATECH has what it takes to support you by giving you the highest quality at the most economical value possible.

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