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Dry Mixing

Dry Mixing

By utilizing revolutionary blending technology, PHARMATECH provides dry mixing to give you a competitive edge over your competition when it comes to just about any blend. Our dry mixing process helps provide a quality, uniform blend for your products.

Dry Mixing with PHARMATECH

  • Reduced Production Costs with Reduced Waste
  • Every Mix Tested & Verified for Quality, Purity and Consistency
  • Gives Clients a Competitive Edge
  • Uniform Blends with Every Production Run

Dry mixing and blending is the process of combining dry chemicals and ingredients to make a homogeneous mixture. At PHARMATECH, we use V-shell, IBC blending machines for every blend we mix. These machines continuously split and recombine the materials within a large v-shaped chamber for a consistent, quality mix.

Dry mixes can be utilized in every one of our packaging options from bulk powder packing to encapsulation to stick packs and more. For most of our customers, our advanced dry mixing is just the first step in the production process.

Why IBC Bin Blending Works for Our Customers?

You can reduce production costs, get quality control you can trust and increase your product’s quality with our IBC (Intermediate Bulk Containers) Bin Blending process.

Our Dry Mixing blender bins cover all capacities and needs for your company, from sample-size units for research and development, to pilot-size batch manufacturing and all the way to full-scale large volume production. Through our process, your formula will be consistently blended to create the quality products customers demand in today’s supplement market.

Our dry mixing focuses on reducing waste and preventing contamination, as there are no blades inside the machine to cause attrition. This method also prevents product contamination due to the absence of shaft projections, helping us to maintain our facility’s ISO 8 clean room standards that ensure each client gets the highest quality products possible.

Need a formula for your dry mix?

We can help; click here to learn more about our formulation process and how we can help you develop a profitable and effective formula.

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