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Your Products, Packaged Your Way with Pharmatech

Get your products perfectly packaged to reach your goals. PHARMATECH offers a variety of packaging options to help tailor your packaging to your product so you see a higher return on your investment.

Our unique and innovative packaging options include the most viable packaging to drive revenue while helping you set yourself apart from your competition.

At PHARMATECH, we offer the following packaging options:

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Blister Packaging

15-count-blister-card-smallOur blister packaging is one of the most attractive packaging options offered at PHARMATECH. The process starts with a thin sheet of PVC film that’s heated and then molded before cooling. Capsules are filled into the molded PVC before each pack is finished with an adhesive foil covering for the back and then boxed. Our blister packs are produced in a completely automated process by our state-of-the-art blister pack machine.



Our fully automated bottling machines are capable of quickly and accurately filling, capping and labeling your product. This efficient process ensures your company saves both time and money when it comes to getting your product to your customer.

Dry Mixing/Blending


Dry mixing and blending is the process of combining dry ingredients to make a good homogenous mixture. At PHARMATECH, we use V-shell, IBC blending machines. These machines continuously split and recombine the materials within a large v-shaped chamber. This reduces waste, as there are no blades inside the machine to cause attrition. This method also prevents product contamination due to the absence of shaft projections, helping us to maintain our facility’s ISO 8 clean room standards.



We provide two forms of encapsulation: Gelatin encapsulation and Veggie-Cap encapsulation.

Encapsulation is achieved through our fully automated machinery that feeds capsules into the machine, detaches the capsule, fills them with powder granules, ejects any defective capsules, closes the capsules, and discharges the finished product. Using these machines versus manual processes greatly increases efficiency, therefore, the money saved as well. All of our processes are fully GMP compliant.

Powder Filling


If you’re looking to package powered products but want to market larger quantities than stick-packs, our facility can handle your needs with our automated powder filling machines. After the raw materials have been dry mixed, they are then loaded into our powder filling machines that accurately measure and dispense your product in sizes anywhere from 50g to 5kg.

Stick Packaging


Currently PHARMATECH uses a semi-automatic, auger-fed stick-pack machine. After the ingredients are dry-mixed and unloaded into super-sacks, these sacks are then loaded onto a gantry crane and placed over the screw-auger. The auger then feeds the stick-packs with product.

Soon our stick-pack filling will be fully automated. Mixed on the second floor and gravity fed directly into the stick-pack machine, the packs will then be conveyed, counted, and inserted into cartons and cases. This means less touching and more saving for our customers.



You need to be unique. We will save you time by putting you in touch with our recommended label companies. We make sure your labels will fit perfectly to the bottle and cater to your specific needs.

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With decades of combined experience in the dietary supplement industry on our staff, PHARMATECH has what it takes to support you by giving you the highest quality at the most economical value possible.

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