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Stick Packaging

Stick Packaging

Stick packages have erupted in popularity and offer your customers a convenient and portable way to take a single-dose powder serving with them anywhere they go. Stick packs are easy to mix in a bottle of water.

Why Use Stick Packaging?

  • Popular and Convenient for Customers
  • Easy to Market to Your Customers
  • Gives Clients a Competitive Edge
  • Fully Automated Process Reduces Production Costs
  • Available in Two Sizes (23 mm and 40 mm)
  • Up to 36 grams in Each Stick Pack

PHARMATECH uses a semi-automatic, auger-fed stick-pack machine to efficiently produce stick packs for your products. After the ingredients are dry-mixed and unloaded into super-sacks, these sacks are then loaded onto a gantry crane and placed over the screw-auger. The auger then feeds the stick-packs with product.

Mixed on the second floor and gravity fed directly into the stick-pack machine, the packs are conveyed, counted, and inserted into cartons and cases to provide an even more efficient process that saves you time and money while helping get your product to market faster.

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