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Why Manufacture with PHARMATECH

PHARMATECH offers each client the expertise and resources required to develop and manufacture profitable products in today’s competitive supplement market.

You get the highest-quality, most marketable products produced by PHARMATECH with every production of your nutritional products. We get your manufacturing job done right to help you put your focus on other key aspects of successfully growing your business and marketing your products. We have what it takes to help you succeed!

Find out why manufacturing with PHARMATECH is your best option when it comes to developing your nutritional products and let us help you take your business to the next level.

6 Reasons to Manufacture Your Nutritional Products with PHARMATECH:

1. Access to More than Two Centuries of Combined Experience

You'll have decades of combined experience in the dietary supplement industry on your side with our dedicated manufacturing team. We’ve utilized that experience to help our customers from the day we began operations and we're looking forward to using our experience to help you reach your goals.

Our state-of-the-art facility easily accommodates ever-changing FDA standards and regulations and our knowledgeable production, quality assurance and quality control teams work with our scientists to ensure only the highest-quality products leave our facility. It’s that knowledge and experience that helps each one of our clients see success with their nutritional products.

2. Monitoring and Quality Control

To ensure we’re producing the highest quality products for each of our clients, we utilize custom-engineered monitoring software for all of our machinery and systems. We monitor real-time Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) throughout our facility to provide customers the most efficient, cost-effective production process possible while producing the highest quality nutritional products. Our monitoring and quality control process ensures each customer is getting consistent, quality products each and every time.

All of our manufacturing equipment is electronically monitored by our state-of-the-art system for equipment availability, performance and output quality. We monitor our uptime/downtime, output counts, rates and rejects to maximize our efficiency and the quality of the products we produce. Our graphical display or HMI (human-machine interface) gives us at-a-glance monitoring and control. Our manufacturing rooms are all continuously monitored and controlled for positive pressure, temperature and humidity. The data and information we collect is stored in our historical database where it can be accessed days, months and years down the road to be reviewed and matched with our batch records.

3. State-of-the-Art Facilities

PHARMATECH offers each client the most innovative manufacturing solutions in our world-class ISO Class 8 Clean Room manufacturing environment. Our industry-leading facility helps us ensure the quality and integrity of every product we manufacture for each of our customers.

Our facility is automated with a state-of-the art Climate Control System where it is electronically monitored, controlled and historically recorded for temperature, humidity and positive pressure to ensure the quality of the products we produce.

4. Innovative Research and Development

With our extensive experience, our experts stay ahead of the trends through intensive research and development. We provide our customers with the ingredients, delivery systems and formulas that will lead the way in the supplement industry so our customers are never playing catch up in the highly competitive supplement industry.

5. Unmatched Customer Service

With PHARMATECH, we’re 100% committed to our customers’ success. We exceed your expectations through every step of the process from planning your products to completion. We know our customers are our key to success. We not only care about each customer, we have the knowledge and experience to help us stand out when it comes to helping you.

6. Experienced Raw Materials Sourcing and Analysis

When it comes to nutritional products, quality ingredients are the key to top-quality products. Our experience helps us find the best ingredients at the best prices. With every quote we give you, our pricing includes the best ingredients available produced in the most efficient and cost-effective process possible. At PHARMATECH, we audit our suppliers through our raw material testing. Each ingredient is tested for potency and density to ensure you always get the value and quality you deserve from the products that leave our facility. 

It’s simple to get started! Just request a FREE, zero obligation quote and you’ll be on your way to turning any nutraceutical concept in to profit.

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With decades of combined experience in the dietary supplement industry on our staff, PHARMATECH has what it takes to support you by giving you the highest quality at the most economical value possible.

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