Blister Pack Packaging for Supplements

Improve your customers’ confidence with Blister Packaging. Regular child-proof bottles don’t protect your product from spilling out and getting lost or ruined. Blister packaging comes with a card with bubbles where the product is stored for use. Customers simply pop the product out of the bubble when they’re ready to take it. The rest of the product remains safely encased in its individual bubble.

Blister-board and metal foil are used for blister packs and are a safe and easy way to take nutritional supplements. Blister packaging is more childproof than child-resistant caps are. Blister packages are also conveniently portable.

Our professional blister packaging is a sealed and individualized way to deliver encapsulated formulas for consumption.  Our high-tech equipment can produce up to 100,000 single blister cards, as well as 30,000 30-count cartons, or 15,000 60-count cartons per shift.

Blister Pack Packaging