Essential Oils Manufacturing

An essential oil must be pure to be as effective as possible. An adulterated or contaminated essential oil won’t be as effective. It can also be dangerous. A product being labeled as “natural” or “organic” does not mean that it has been validated or tested. Of the quantifiable testing options, Pharmatech uses Gas Chromatography and Refractive Index.

Gas Chromatography is used to detect the constituents in an essential oil sample. This is done with a gas chromatography machine’s heating chamber. The Refractive Index test uses a refractometer to see the oil’s response to light.

Pharmatech is an industry leader when it comes to essential oils. Our breakthrough research and development in the testing and validation process that essential oils go through has allowed us to ensure the efficacy of our oils. We vet, test, and validate constituents so that they exceed FDA standards. Our process improves customer experience and protects your company’s reputation.

Pharmatechlabs® | Four amber bottles of essential oils in the process of essential oil contract manfaturing