Liquids Supplement Manufacturing

Liquid supplements are tricky to produce because of the suspension and stability levels that must be maintained. Stability levels refer to a liquid supplement’s base life. The base, preservatives, pH level, and flavor are all important factors for liquid supplements. In accordance with Current Good Manufacturing Processes, all raw materials contained in liquid supplements go through quality assurance and control testing.

Pharmatech has four state-of-the-art liquid production lines that have the capacity to produce hundreds of thousands of products per day. Our products range from .5 to 32 ounces. We do everything from liquid supplements and beverages to oils, tinctures, and everything in between.
We are also a licensed hemp/cannabidiol processor and are certified to manufacture products containing CBD.


Our highly developed liquid manufacturing process includes:


  • USP Purified water system
  • Jet shear temperature-controlled 500-gallon mixer
  • Two 500-gallon, 1400-& 1450-gallon mixers


  • Three flash-pasteurization systems (plate and frame)

Fill and Capping

  • 2×18 head rotary filler and torque capper (150 bottles/min)
  • 12 head in-line filler (70 bottles/min) with high-speed torque capper

Product Cooling:

  • Closed-loop chilled-water cooling tunnels


  • High-end AXON quality technology


Pharmatechlabs® | liquid supplement manufacturer for premium supplements