Pouch & Gusseted Bag Packaging

Using industry leading pouch packaging machinery, Pharmatech provides convenient individualized packaging for large and small formulas. We offer a variety of sizes and shapes for gusseted bags. For pouch filling, our HMC can fill up to 25,000 pouches per shift, and our Effytec and K-Pack can handle even more.

The nutritional supplement in the pouch can be single-dose or multi-dose. Its convenient packaging allows these pouches to be taken on the go. Pouch packaging must comply with current Good Manufacturing Practices, which includes listing all relevant information concerning the product, like what it is and how much product is contained in the pouch.

Pouch packaging is ideal for many businesses. These pouches don’t take up very much space, allowing more room for inventory. Pouches also keep the product fresh. The environment inside the pouch is dry, closures are airtight, and there is no exposure to humidity and light. Branding is another element that attracts many of our customers. Even small pouches provide ample space for branding and design elements, which many small businesses utilize.

Pouch Packaging
Gusseted Bag Packaging