When it comes to taking supplements orally, many people wonder, capsules vs. tablets: what is the difference between the two?

In the world of supplements, common options include both tablets and capsules. They both work to deliver the product through your digestive tract. While the capsules and tablets work in similar ways, there are some key differences to understand. In some situations, one form might be better suited for you than the other, or you may have certain preferences. Today, we are taking a mini deep dive into the difference between capsules and tablets. 

Here is a peek into capsules vs. tablets that will help you understand the differences between the two:

What are Tablets?

Tablets are made by compressing various powdered ingredients to form a smooth, solid, hard tablet that breaks down in the digestive tract.

Tablets come in many different shapes, including oblong, round, and disc-shaped. Some tablets come with a line scored across the center of them to make them easier to break in half for half-doses.

Regardless of the shape or how quickly it breaks down, all dissolved tablets will absorb into your bloodstream, travel to your liver, and be distributed to any target areas in your body so they can do what it needs to do. It is eventually metabolized and then excreted.

What are Capsules?

Capsules include a product that is enclosed (or encapsulated) in an outer shell that is broken down in the digestive tract. The product is then absorbed into the bloodstream, distributed, and metabolized.

Capsules are quick-acting, and much of the product is able to be absorbed. The capsule the product is contained in is later dissolved in your body.

Which One Should I Use?

While there are pros and cons to all product delivery forms, the biggest difference in capsules vs. tablets is the absorption time. Capsules are tasteless, fast-acting, and have higher bioavailability meaning more of the drug is likely to enter the bloodstream. Tablets are slower acting and more likely to cause irritation to the gastrointestinal tract than capsules.

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