We’re closing out March with the reveal to our Mystery Flavor with R&D monthly flavor!  We went all out with the St. Patrick’s Day theme for the decoy answers 🍀 let’s see how we did:

Results are in!

Shamrock Protein Shake was the winner of the poll, but NOT the correct answer!  Our “magically delicious” flavor for the month was Magic Mallow Milk!

March Mystery Flavor Reveal

Magic Mallow Milk

What makes our Mallow Milk so Magical?  It’s made with green coffee bean extract that not only gives you the much needed boost during St. Patrick’s Day festivities, but also contains a natural antioxidant compound called Chlorogenic Acid.

Benefits of Chlorogenic Acid

Chlorogenic Acid is mainly found in coffee beans, but also can be derived from pears, apples, eggplant, strawberries, blueberries, and potatoes.  This compound acts like antioxidants in the body and has a variety of benefits to support a healthy lifestyle.

Research suggests that chlorogenic acid-enriched coffee can increase weight loss by reducing sugar absorption, as well as increased fat burning during sleep.  It was also shown to reduce fasting blood sugar levels, insulin, and glucose spikes following a meal, which helps to improve blood sugar control.  Lastly, chlorogenic acid helps lower blood pressure and improve blood vessel function in both healthy and hypertensive people.

Pharmatech Labs

All in all, this magical green coffee bean shows a lot of promise with weight loss, controlling blood sugar levels, and lowering blood pressure.  The Pharmatech R&D team are experts when it comes to applying antioxidant compounds to every day supplements created right here in the lab!  If you have an idea for the next magical supplement, let our team of industry experts help bring it to life!  Submit your free quote today to get started.  Thank you for joining us in another round of Mystery Flavor with R&D – stay tuned for next month’s theme!