Sometimes it’s hard to maintain mental focus and clarity. Not to worry – the following three tips should help you achieve the focus and clarity you need.

No matter how hard you may try, focus and clarity don’t come easy to everybody.

Maybe you have to read something multiple times before taking in the information.

Perhaps you have something to do but are distracted by a blog post or viral video.

You may even be sitting at your desk, ready to go to work, but 20 minutes pass by and you have barely started working.

Being unable to focus is not uncommon, as three out of four Americans feel some sort of distraction at work.

However, if you want to overcome this obstacle, then you’re in luck because mental focus and clarity can be achieved with practice.

The following are three tips you can follow if you want to improve your focus and tune out distractions.

1. Regular Exercise

If you’re living a sedentary life, it’s time to get up and get moving as exercise can positively affect mental clarity.

One of the ways exercise can benefit clarity is by stimulating the release of growth factors as well as reducing insulin resistance and inflammation.

Growth factors are chemicals in the brain that affect the growth of new blood vessels in the brain and the health of brain cells.

Another way in which exercise improves clarity is by improving sleep, mood, and reducing stress and anxiety.

People experience stress and anxiety may also have an inability to concentrate and experience mental fogginess.

focus and clarity2. Practice Mindfulness

According to various studies, meditation has positive effects on brain structures.

After meditating, brain structures related to attention and awareness saw an increase in volume.

Research has also found that other meditation benefits.

Those who meditated for eight weeks saw greater development of gray matter density in the hippocampus.

The hippocampus area of the brain is involved with learning and memory.

In other words, meditation can help increase the brain’s ability to focus.

3. Multitasking Thought Process

The way we think about multitasking has changed over time as various studies have found that multitasking does not increase productivity.

However, with the many gadgets and technological advances in our world, we have trained ourselves to multitask on a constant basis.

One way to improve your focus is to be mindful about when you multitask and when you do not.

Since it isn’t realistic to expect yourself to either focus all the time or multitask all the time, plan your schedule so you take turns doing some of each.

As hard as it may seem, it is possible to improve your focus and clarity – all you need is a few lifestyle changes and practice.

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