Pharmatech Labs participated in a local service project for the holidays. We feel very blessed to be able to help out those in need!

Granite School District Needed Our Help

Pharmatech had the unique opportunity to provide meal kits for Granite School District. Granite School District is the second-largest school district in Utah and has some unique needs.

  • 54% of students live at or below poverty level (roughly 35,000 students)
  • 3.25 or 5 students are “food insecure”
  • 70% of Utah’s refugees live within district boundaries
  • 106 languages and dialects are spoken

       Pharmatech Labs Holiday Service Project 2021

The Project

Pharmatech purchased food items and assembled just over 1,000 kits, including:

Pharmatech Labs Holiday Service Project 2021

200 Student Weekend Kits

Student Weekend Kits are sent home in the backpacks of food-insecure children in our schools. The pack contains enough food for four meals and several snacks.

Pharmatech Labs Holiday Service Project 2021

80 Dinner in a Bag Kits

Dinner In A Bag provides a meal for a family living with food insecurities. These bags can be handed out by a counselor, social worker, or community center coordinator.

Pharmatech Labs Holiday Service Project 2021

800 Snack Pack Kits

A Snack Pack is given to food-insecure students by teachers, administrators, and social workers. Snack packs are always in high demand.