Nutritional supplements are often part of our daily lives, but what about the nutritional capsule manufacturing process? How are nutritional supplements packaged for distribution? These are the most frequently asked questions we get about the manufacturing process. Let’s dive into some other frequently asked questions and their answers!

Q: What is the turnaround time to create a new capsule supplement?

A: It takes about three to four months to create a new capsule supplement from start to finish. However, the type of product, how much you’re manufacturing, and the availability of materials can impact this time frame. 

Q: What is the turnaround time for an existing product?

A: It does not take as much time to re-order an existing product as it does to create something from scratch. The general turnaround time is two to three months.

Q: What are the steps involved in manufacturing nutritional capsules?

A: You can divide nutritional capsule manufacturing into four steps: blending, encapsulation, polishing, and testing. It’s essential to approach the process carefully to ensure that everything is done correctly and the right supplements are sent out for distribution. 

Q: What is the first step in manufacturing nutritional capsules?

A: The first step is called blending, which essentially means that the ingredients inside the capsule are evenly distributed. We start with scooping. We carefully weigh each ingredient in the correct weight, record lot, and item numbers. Then we blend by sifting all incoming powders to ensure separation and a homogeneous blend. After being sifted, the powder is vacuum transferred to a large V-Blender that has an agitating bar inside it. This ensures that the powder is very well mixed. Afterward, the powder is discharged into “super sacks” for encapsulation.

Q: What is the second step in the process?

A: Encapsulation happens next. Our process involves putting powder into capsules. We use two different Bosch machines to produce our capsules. One machine can produce up to 675,000 capsules per shift in sizes 0, 00, and 1. The other machine can produce up to 1 million capsules per shift in sizes 0 and 00.  Every 15 minutes, we conduct weight and quality checks. Once this process is completed, the capsules go through a polisher and into barrels for further packaging. The capsules are then put into bottles or blisters. We can produce 100,000 single blister cards, 30,000 30-count cartons, and 15,000 60-count cartons. 

Q: What is the last step in the nutritional capsule manufacturing process?

A: Testing is the final step in the process. Generally, these ten tests are conducted throughout the manufacturing process:

  1. Permeability and sealing
  2. Potency and impurity content
  3. Weight variation test
  4. Uniformity of content
  5. Disintegration time test
  6. Dissolution test
  7. Moisture permeation
  8. Microbial content
  9. Shelf-life test
  10. Stability testing 

Pharmatech Labs

As you can see, the nutritional capsule manufacturing process is thorough. At Pharmatech Labs, we take every step seriously to ensure the highest quality supplement production. If you have any questions about our process, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’ll be happy to assist you as you work to provide high-quality supplements to your customers.