The results are in! 📝 Our very first Mystery Flavor with R&D 🔎 feature left everyone guessing as to what our IFT First inspired product could possibly be! 🧐 Let’s see how everyone did:

Boo Berry Punch seemed to be the fan favorite choice, with Energetic Elderberry coming in second.  Blueberry Blossom was next, and Blackberry Bliss trailed in last place.  Which one was the correct one?  First, we’ll walk through some of the clues:

“Inspired by the recurring themes seen at IFT First: energy, sugar reduction, natural colors, and BOTANICALS

“Consists of antioxidants from White Tea Leaf, caffeine from Green Tea Leaf Extract, and natural BLUE color”

What was the correct answer to the mystery flavor? It was BLUEBERRY BLOSSOM!

MC-Tea in Action!

If you guessed Boo Berry Punch 👻 : it’s okay 😉 we threw you off with the spooky-themed post 🎃

For those who guessed Energetic Elderberry ⚡: on track with the energy from Green Tea leaf extract caffeine, however BOTANICALS and BLUE were our main clues for the name! 💐🔷

Mystery Flavor
MC-Tea in Blueberry Blossom

Our R&D experts are the best of the best. We love testing out all their new inventions and flavor concoctions created from their vast knowledge of the food science industry. Not only are they tremendously creative, but they know how to turn that creativity into a consumable product with nutritional benefits!

We’ll be back next month with the latest edition of Mystery Flavor with R&D 🔎 can you guess the newest flavor? Stay tuned for the clues!

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