Diet, exercise, and sleep are the best ways to boost your energy levels, but sometimes that’s not enough. Here are 9 vitamins and supplements that are natural energy boosters.

A healthy lifestyle is the best way to maintain good energy levels, but a demanding lifestyle may leave you feeling tired and in need of some help.

Luckily, there are energy boosting vitamins and energy supplements you can take to boost your levels if you need some additional assistance.

1. Ashwagandha

The main benefit of ashwagandha has to do with both the mind and the body, as it may enhance the body’s resilience to both physical and mental stress.

It may also help alleviate fatigue felt during exercise, helping to boost energy levels.

2. Rhodiola Rosea

If you want to help ease your mental and physical fatigue, then rhodiola may help.

It is thought to increase the body’s ability to adapt to stress as well as alleviating fatigue in those who suffer from depression.

3. CoQ10

If you want your body to produce energy, then CoQ10 is an essential nutrient in your goals.

Like with many things, age and disease negatively affect the levels of CoQ10 your body produces, which is where supplements come in.

4. Vitamin B12

A key vitamin in natural energy production is vitamin B12, which help convert food into energy.

Age and disease can contribute to low B12 levels, as well as following a diet that has no animal products.

natural energy boosters5. Iron

The main way iron helps your body produce energy is by helping red blood cells deliver oxygen to the body’s tissues.

Iron deficiency may be due to pregnancy, excessive blood loss, and a diet low in iron, which may lead to extreme fatigue.

6. Creatine

Naturally found in fish, poultry, pork, and red meat, creatine acts as a quick source of energy for the body.

Creatine supplements help increase the body’s energy stores, which leads to longer and more efficient workouts.

7. Citrulline

Dilating blood vessels is important in energy production as they increase nutrient and oxygen delivery to cells.

Nitric oxide is key to dilating blood vessels, and l-citrulline helps produce nitric oxide, leading to a decrease in fatigue and an energy boost.

8. Beetroot Powder

Nitrate is essentially a precursor to nitric oxide and helps blood vessels relax.

Beetroot powders usually contain large amounts of nitrate, helping to increase oxygen delivery and boosting energy levels during workouts.

9. Melatonin

One of the most important factors in having healthy energy levels is getting the rest your body needs, which is where melatonin comes in.

Melatonin is a key hormone in restful sleep and may help people dealing with insomnia.

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