The type of packaging of vitamins and nutritional supplements has a significant impact on customer satisfaction, costs, and, thus, your bottom line. The major factors that impact the success of your brand are quality, price point, and packaging. 

As with many things in life, the “best” is subjective, and the best kind of packaging is no different. You decide what is best for you based on your brand’s preferences and needs and the characteristics of your product.

So today, we are looking into the various packaging styles for vitamins and supplements so that you can better determine which is best for your product.

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Great Packaging Style Options for Nutritional Supplements 

Pouch and Gusseted Bag Packaging

Gusseted bags and pouches are a good option because they come in various shapes and sizes. These can hold a single dose or multi-doses and can be conveniently used on the go. Pouches are also ideal for keeping your nutritional supplements fresh because the environment inside each pouch can stay dry, closures are airtight, and there is no exposure to light or humidity.

Canister, Jar, and Tub Packaging

Canisters, jars, and tubs are a great way to package your products. Each is packed with cotton and a sealed lid. Each bottle is sealed and customized with your label and the FDA-required Supplement Facts Panel.

Blister Pack Packaging 

Blister packs are great because the standard child-proof bottles do not protect your product from spilling out and getting ruined or lost. Blister packages come with a card with “bubbles” where the product is stored until used. Your customers will simply pop the product out of the “blister” or “bubble” when they are ready to take it, while the remaining products stay safely encased in their individual bubbles.

Stick Pack Packaging

Do you need a convenient way to deliver your customers a single dose of dry powder regardless of where they are? Stick pack packaging is your answer. The single-use, remeasured dosage eliminates the need for measuring cups or spoons and clean-up and is an ideal way to create a sample for your customers.

Encapsulation Packaging

Encapsulation is one of the most common ways to package vitamins and other supplements. The packaging process must be done meticulously to ensure that every bottle receives the correct number of capsules.

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